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7 Best Attractions to Visit in Berlin

Disclaimer: This is a guest post

Germany is rarely included in romantic travel guides and this is totally unfair! Our friends from Prime Russian Dating helped us choose the top 7 must-visit locations in Berlin – which wasn’t that easy as this city is full of exciting places. Let’s have a look now!

1. Unter den Linden
Starting your trip from the most famous boulevard of Berlin, you can see numerous major attractions at once. Unter den Linden stretches from the City Palace to the Brandenburg Gate and hosts a number of embassies, the Humboldt University – one of the oldest in the city, State Opera, State Library, and many more amazing spots.

2. Museum Island
From Unter den Linden, you can also go to the Museum Island, part of the UNESCO world heritage. Here, five prominent Berlin museums are situated. The Altes Museum and the Neues Museum present ancient relics from around the world. The Bode Museum is, in fact, a museum complex featuring the Sculpture Collection, the Museum of Byzantine Art, the Coin Cabinet, and a special gallery designed for children. The top-visited Pergamon Museum exhibits classic archeological monuments. Eventually, Alte Nationalgalerie encompasses paintings from Classicism to early Modernism. Just purchase a day pass and explore on your own!

3. Berlin Cathedral
Also known by its full name (Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church), Berlin Cathedral is one of the local jewels. Its construction kicked off in the 15th century and the edifice went through many redecorations since that time. It was badly damaged in the World War II and completely restored only in 1993. Millions of tourists now can marvel at its dome, chapels, and the Hohenzollern crypt and visit the Cathedral museum.

4. Brandenburg Gate
Walking down by Unter den Linden towards the Pariser Platz, you can’t miss the Brandenburg Gate. This neoclassical masterpiece was built at the end of the 18th century and became the iconic symbol of Berlin. It has seen different times. The Gate represented the separation of Germany after the Second World War; since the Berlin Wall demolition in 1989, it stands for the country’s reunification.

5. Reichstag building
This notable monument of Neo-Baroque style is located near the Brandenburg Gate. After being in disuse for long years after World War II ended, it was reconstructed in 1999 and meetings of Bundestag (the German parliament) are conducted here nowadays. Right in front of it, you will see the Victory Column symbolizing Prussian triumphs in wars with Denmark, Austria, and France.

6. Grunewald
The most known German forest lies 10 km away from the city beside the Havel River. It covers 3/4 of the locality of Grunewald in the western part of Berlin. Local diversity of trees and wildlife, lovely lakes and ponds are truly overwhelming! Go there by foot or take a bike or horse ride. Note that some areas function as natural reserves and are closed to the public.

7. Gendarmenmarkt
You should definitely visit this fascinating square in the heart of Berlin. The Gendarmenmarkt’s history dates back to the 17 th century when it was called Linden-Markt. Later, it was used by city guards who kept their horses here. Nowadays, people come to the Gendarmenmarkt to see three glorious buildings: the German Dom, the French Dom, and the Concert House – one of the city’s main theaters, as well as the Schiller Monument. Other attractions, like St Hedwig’s Cathedral or Friedrichstraße – a luxurious shopping avenue – are found nearby.