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7 Foods That are Purely “American”

Hey folks,

Hope you are having a great week. I am! Lately, I have been on a baking kick here. I find it hard to find sweet stuff that I like here. I am not a fan of chocolate, and the cakes here seem to have fruit in them. Cake and fruit do not go together in my mind. As I was starting to bake here, I looked around for what I thought were common ingredients, and realized things like shortening were purely American products. While America is a melting pot, there are many products that are almost exclusive to the United States. I decided to make a list of foods that were primarily found only in America. I think you would be surprised.

1. Sweet Potato Pie– I make this pie every year for Thanksgiving (which for the Americans who don’t know.. is only celebrated in America). The first year, the German was quite confused about the pie, so were my guests for the dinner. Apparently in Europe, pie is not supposed to be sweet. Everyone kept referring to it as cake. I said, its pie. For them, sweet potatoes do not belong in pie. I proved them wrong, and introduced something new into their lives. I woke up the next day, and the pie was gone. Every year I make it, it quickly disappears. I did some research and sweet potatoes or yam dishes are found in west Africa and parts of the United Kingdom, however, African slaves in America made this recipe their own with a twist.


2. Peanut Butter and Jelly I found out only a few years ago that I was allergic to peanuts, but if I weren’t I would be eating some PB and J’s right about now. I swear I have not seen peanut butter in years at this point. I can still eat a little, just not the whole jar. Unfortunately, I realized, this is something that is just found in America it seems.


3. Red Vines- This seems to be not just an American candy, but a West Coast American thing. I had the German purchase this candy. I love it, it is the reason why I had two root canals, I am sure. Red vines are my very favorite thing on this planet. Its purely sugar.. yum! I was so happy to receive the package. He tastes one, and the look on his face was priceless. He thinks they are nasty. I still love them, but I have found that this is just an American thing. Shame, I sure do miss Red Vines.


4. Root Beer Float- I am sure this might be in Canada, but I swear I have not seen Root beer at all on my travels in Europe. I mentioned it to the German, and he looked at me like I was crazy. “A soda, made from ginger?” Yes! with ice cream. It’s perfect to me, apparently this is a taste that is just found in the US of A.


5. Buttered Popcorn While I have not explored every corner of the world, but here in Germany, they liked their popcorn sweet. I remember going to the movies for the first time, and asking for butter. The lady was like, why? Their tastes are for sugar on their popcorn, but I appreciate the so called butter stuff on the popcorn. I worked at a movie theater in the States, it is NOT butter, but whatever it is, it tastes good.


6. Macaroni and Cheese South Germany does have something similar to this called Käsespätzle but it has nothing on some homemade baked Mac and Cheese. I think it is the lack of seasoning that makes it special.


7. Fried Chicken and Waffles- Both of these foods can obviously be found outside of the United States, however, I have yet to see people eating them together, at least in Europe. I am starting to think we just eat the crappiest food on earth.


What are some things you have not been able to find if you have been outside of the USA?

  • Mark Loveday

    Macaroni Cheese is very West Indian too.

    • I do not understand the point of your comment.. but thanks for the comment.


    Aren’t Red Vines twizzlers???
    I think one can make a case for a good portion of the Southern dishes (ie chitlerings (sp?) that are probably found in the US along with the random food inventions that were done by accident like the pasty or the odd subs that stuff eggs and french fries in them.


  • Stefan

    Macaroni and Cheese arent Käsespätzle, Macaroni simple made from grin , Spaetzle are made from grain with eggs.
    It is a simple differenz, but its a world between the taste.
    Kaesespaetzle are Spatezle with cheese, and sometimes with bacon cubes like that×1024/ItalienischeKaesespaetzle_091dfffb5769970656b1f62d90f4d10b_Italienische%20Sp%C3%A4tzle%20001a.jpg

    Stefan from Neuenbuerg – Swabia (oh i hate this English word) Schwaben;)