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9 Stylish Homes with Modern Interior Design In Berlin

Here are 9 homes that have all the modern elements

1. Minimalist Loft in Charlottenburg

This modern loft is located in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The walls are a clean white, with floor to ceiling windows. The living space is nice and open, providing plenty of natural light.
Color accents are given to the mostly white interior to add some life to the area. This is shown by the purple lining of the dining room chairs, and other accents throughout the home. The home is cozy and warm, yet at the same time stylish and modern. It is a great example of elegant minimalism.

2.Loft in Mitte

This is yet another example of stunning minimalistic design. It is decked out in tall white walls, with black curtains to add a bit of drama. The floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light. The set-in couch makes for a cozy place to sit and relax, while adding a modern design element.
The kitchen in this home is of a stunning, simplistic design. The cabinet, refrigerator, and other appliances are all while, with a black countertop and backsplash to bring the drama in from the living room. The same light wood flooring is throughout the entire home, bringing all the spaces together.

3. Family Home

This simplistic Berlin home is made for a family. It goes to show that more is not necessarily better, and a simple home can be great for a family. The smaller couch with bean bag seating, along with a rolling coffee table is functional and minimalist at the same time.
The kitchen is made for function. The exposed brick wall adds character to the home, while keeping the floors, cabinets, and countertops white. As an added extra bonus to this design, chalkboard paint was added to the bar seating area, so that this simplistic design is also kid friendly.

4. Stylish Brick

Not all modern homes need to use clean lines. This Berlin apartment is stunningly simplistic, but with loads of character. With beautiful concrete arches, and brick flooring, it feels like home in this apartment. The ceiling in the living space brings in color and a pattern that is just stunning.
The dining area in the kitchen uses reclaimed wood for flooring, with white cabinets and brick walls painted white. With touches of the industrial look with the lighting, and the softness of a country style table, this home has everything of modern interior design, while also being abundant in character.

5. Classic Yet Modern

This home combines classic with modern. In a building with classic styling, the interior design of this Berlin home takes modern to a new level. With an open balcony decked out in stunning outdoor hardwood flooring, the openness that the enormous sliding door gives to the apartment is breath taking.
The inside of the loft is white, with light gray accessories to keep that clean look. The medium gray wood flooring provides that industrial look, while the white and gray furniture softens. There is so much light in this vaulted ceiling home, there seems no need to ever buy a lamp.

6. Beautiful Berlin Penthouse

This penthouse in the heart of Berlin is anyone’s interior design dream. Instead of going with stiff white, this beige home offers a level of comfort and class. The living area is surrounded by wall to wall windows letting in the light of the day.
The bathroom brings that beige in, with a hint of gray in the marbling and accessories. The soaking tub is a great accessory that fills in the space in this large bathroom; while the shower is tiles with elegant art to bring the modern look in.

7. Elegant Berlin Apartment

This simple, elegant apartment in Berlin offers exquisite function and stunning taste. The modern style wood flooring is paired with the modern white cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. This kitchen also opens to a balcony with floor to ceiling windows.
As a small apartment, every design not only looks beautiful, but it is extremely functional and well laid out. From the bedroom closets and desk, to the slick designed bathroom.

8. Tiny House, Big on Style

Another modern trend idea is extreme minimalism; in other words, a tiny house. These homes, like the one here in Berlin, offer a life of less, while being functional.
With great storage and elegant accessories, there is no need to trade function for beauty. With homes like this one, it is possible to have it all.

9. Functional Family Friendly Design

This single family home located in Berlin offers a modern, functional interior design. The narrow living area is beautiful with black and white coloring. The floors ceiling and drapery are white, with a wonderful black brick wall and black storage. The best feature is the wood burning fireplace.
The kitchen has a modern industrial look, where everything is squared. To soften this look, the backsplash has a circular pattern. This offers function and style.
The above examples have one thing in common – less is more. Get more such modern interior design ideas and live both in style and clutter free!

Elena is a passionate blogger and content executive at Renergy Malta. She likes to travel the world and on her free time volunteers at the kids box, a charity for less fortunate children.

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