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Apartment Hunting in Berlin- My Story

Hey Folks

I decided it was probably best to get the heck out of my ex-boyfriend’s apartment, and fast. Lately, each time he drinks, his behavior has become more bizarre. The last time, I found that he shit in my makeup bag. While, I laughed it off, I thought, man this guy seems to really subconsciously hate me. I have truly worn out my welcome. Besides, I am actually trying to have some dates in my life, and it’s simply not great when you have to tell a guy that he cannot come over, because my ex-boyfriend won’t allow it. I have heard horror stories of people taking months to find a place, and I frankly was not excited about looking. I have two choices: leave Berlin, or find a place. Since I like my job, I figured, I will stay as long as I felt needed, and get my own place. It will be a lonely time, but I think it’s healthier so that my ex and I can both move on.

I started the journey of finding a place. There are few things you need before you start looking (for your own place).

***Be aware, that Germans love their paper, so whatever you got, give it to them, if you think it will help.***

1- Pay check stubs Make sure to print these out and have them ready should you be able to see any apartments. They need at least three months.

2. Schufa- A schufa is basically your credit score. If you have been working and living in Germany for a while, they should be rather easy to come by. Click here for More information

3. Landlord’s letter- Now if you have this, you are a step ahead. I do not have this, I have only lived with my boyfriend since moving to Germany. You can also have the person you rent a room from to write a letter stating how much you paid and for how long. Just explain to the person you are giving the application to.

These things coupled with the application which is normally listed on the apartment websites.

Now armed with your paperwork, you should start looking for an apartment. Here are the places I have been looking. I am looking for furnished, but also unfurnished. I don’t know how I am going to put things in it, but I figured, I will figure it out when I get to that part.


1. Immobilien Scout 24: You can find many apartments here that are furnished and unfurnished

2. WG-Gesucht: Another resource people use to find apartments

3. They do furnished apartments only. I filled out some applications, but as soon as I sent my passport information, they told me they had nothing in my price range. I don’t want to think the worst, so I will keep trying.

Please know that many apartments in Berlin do not come with kitchens. That means you might need to buy a full kitchen as well as a closet when you move. In addition, I make sure to translate everything. Terms like Kaltmeite vs Warmmeite are important. Kalt means that its the cold rent without the utilities, and warm means everything included.

I have been on a few appointments, and the competition is stiff out there for a place, which is why I am going the agency route. It is more expensive, but at least I don’t have to furnish an apartment. Wish me luck, I am worried.

  • Mark Loveday

    I think you are right to be worried. May I suggest a lockable makeup bag next time?

    • kimnberlin

      LOL That is a great idea.

  • Nicole Marikou

    OMG he really shittin in your makeup bag girl you gotta get out of there

    • kimnberlin

      Yeah at the time it was funny.. but then I was like.. yeah this is not a good thing. I have my issues too.. LOL

      • ashleydark

        why would he shit in your makeup bag? like he couldn’t reach the toilet or this was a revenge thing????

  • mimi

    Honey my was heart goes out to you xx. It was just a shame you had to
    still live there while you looked for another place. If that were not
    the case and if it were me oh boy, he would have bitten off more than
    his pig ass could chew!!!! I would have dunked it on him while he was
    asleep,or wait till he leaves and dunk his most expensive, favourite
    things in it. Failing that I would I would take pictures of it and him,
    plus his name and some other embarassing shit about him and posted it
    all over his facebook,the internet send it to his work collegues , boss
    the whole lot.I do it anonymously but even if i get questioned by the
    police so be it. I have shared accomodation with other students, even
    friends and things have gone sour, some of them even behaving badly but
    this takes the royal piss!!! You do not treat another human being like
    this!!! He is a pig, you should have put some warning or something about
    him, on social media, so that the poor girl who dates him next knows
    ahead what she is letting herself in for.

    But then again on the flip side you can content yourself that naah this
    sort of person will never have a good relationship/life if he does not
    change, probably end up alone,divorced(a number of occasions) grow old, alone and bitter.

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