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Black Girl in Barcelona

A few months ago, I was graciously asked to come to Barcelona. I jumped at the chance to finally visit Spain. I had heard that it was beautiful, and warmer than Germany at most times of the year, if not always. I am still waiting for my visa, and getting over a flu, but I managed to make it there in one piece.

I flew with Lufthansa, and it was nice, despite the layover in Munich. I did not take the trip alone, but I figured me gushing over a new love interest is not what people want to read about. Besides, I am trying something new with keeping things to myself. I digress, we arrived to a dreary day in Barcelona. I was not surprised, I had checked the weather. One day of “Berlin weather” but the rest should be sunny and bright. We found our way to the hotel. The traffic reminded me of Los Angeles. It was full of cars. There was a mobile technology convention that brought 90,000 extra visitors.

We stayed at the Hotel Des Arts, right on the boardwalk near a German consulate, and a Casino. The hotel was gorgeous. You are pulled into a driveway with a waterfall. It reminded me of the Hotels on Sunset in LA. After a longer front desk wait, we were shown to our suite, that had this gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea.



I loved the layout, and the fact that I could finally get a nice bath, which I had been without for some time, living in my shower only apartment. This is crazy to me that there are apartments that do no have bathtubs.

I had only three nights in Barcelona, but I tried to do my best in terms of getting around the city, and eating what I could. The latter was difficult, because we just kept having great food. I had trouble remembering all the places we went to. First place served a drink that was so great. An Old Fashioned. This one was out of this world.

Chocolate infused tobacco makes this old fashioned unique. ..#barcelona #travel

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We then had so many types of food. Of course I tried the paella, as well as some steak, and pretty much anything I could find with seafood knowing that upon my return to Germany, I would not have access to such delicacies. I also took park in quite a bit of red wine and gin and tonics (my favorite hard drink).





I really liked the look of the city, and how central everything was located. It was nice to dress up and relax for a few days, the only care was finding the correct shoes for all the walking. We managed to make it to Parc Guell, and the Sagrada Familia between meals, and long walks on the boardwalk.






I loved the city, but I was ready to get going to my next trip, which was a short one to Paris. Plus, it was nice to see the sun again. My company could not be beat, and I had such a great time at the hotel. I managed to get a massage, and a mani/pedi that changed the way I want to get manicures from this point forward. Loved that hotel.




  • Dai

    Nice to hear you’re going about and enjoying yourself.
    We DO wanna hear about your new love interest. What’s he like anyway?
    Peeps sometimes forget that Salvador Dali was a Catalan.
    Me meself rarely bevies. Hollow pins. D’you like a dry cider from time to time?
    Muchos gracias

    • kimnberlin

      Nah.. I am going to keep this one close for a while. He is American though. Dry cider?? never tried.

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