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Carnival 2015

Hey Folks,

It feels weird to think of things as my last time I will do this or that, because frankly I cannot guess what the future will bring, or whether or not I will be back in Germany at any point in the future. With that said, this is my last year celebrating Carnival as a resident of Berlin.

I was excited to go this year, most years I really have not been in the mood to navigate the crowds. I prefer going with one or two people, but I ended up with two big groups. That was annoying, because everyone wanted to do everything.. all at once. I wanted to drink, to chill, and make sure I get some good west African food before I left.

I attended Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the frustrating day. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. This is Berlin, it is not going to be a perfect experience of order. It is a bit chaotic. People pushing through everywhere, long lines. I am used to it though. I bring my own water, my own booze, and plenty of coins for the bathroom or napkins if I have to be creative. I know the places I want to be, but most of my group did not. I separated myself from that and actually was in bed by 9pm the first night. This was not on purpose. This was too much rum.

I decided to attend on Sunday with a smaller group and accomplished what I needed..west African food. That was frustrating experience just because those lines are the longest, but the end result is always worth it.

I cannot believe I have been going to this thing for 3 years. May 1st is the only other place I have been going to for 4 years. I will miss it, but maybe one day I will be back myself.








  • Dai

    Nice photos. Think you’re a little diddier ‘n me had imagined.
    Jever been to Notting Hill’s carnival? Good fun.