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Carnival of Culture

Thanks Hanna , for this collaboration. She is a freelance writer, traveller, mom and Culture lover.

If you’re planning a trip to Berlin, try to get there in the end of May for the Carnival of Cultures. The Carnival of Cultures has been celebrated in Berlin every year on the weekend of Pentecost (Whitsun) since 1966. It is an internationally famous festival of music, dance, masks, makeup, culture and diversity. Because it is so popular, you should find your accommodation early, check it out online, for example at Venere.com . Berlin is a big city and in special occasions like this, it fills up quick! In fact, 1.5 million visitors are expected this year.

The 2015 Carnival of Cultures is being held from May 22nd to 25th. The highlight is the street parade held on Pentecost Sunday, which falls on the 24th this year. Over 4,700 representatives from 80 different countries join in the procession to celebrate the cultural diversity of the capital of Germany. They perform ritual dances in gorgeous traditional costumes. The caravans usually leave at around noon from Hermannplatz and continue all day long and into the evening across Hasenheide, Yorckstraße and Möckernstraße. The most original, creative, and interesting performances and awarded by a panel of judges.


And don’t forget about the wide variety of food available at the Carnival of Cultures! Cultural diversity also includes great diversity in menus and culinary delicacies. Food from all over the world, from sweet potatoes to fresh coconuts, is available on the streets. The hub of the festival is Blücherplatz, and you will find the most hustle and bustle here. There is something for everyone at one of the 400 stands in and around the Blücherplatz square. Hand-made crafts, traditional clothing, and of course eccentric jewelry and accessories are also available for admiration and purchase.

There are many stages around the Blücherplatz as well, and there is a kind of music for everyone! You are sure to be entertained with genres of music you’ve never heard before, and also traditional classic. Into the night there are wonderful organized evening parties where you can meet people from all around the globe.

Want to take the kids? No problem! There are special music events, parties, and cultural activities catered just for children. It is an event that is fun for the whole family, with a genre of music, type of food, art exhibit and dance for every taste out there. Some of my favorite performers are the acrobats, stiltwalkers and magicians that wander the streets, inviting young and old alike to join in the fun. They invite people to try out their toys, and let me tell you from personal experience that walking on stilts is much harder than it looks!

So get yourself to Berlin for what has become a landmark festival in celebration of the cultural diversities that bring us all together.