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Baumhaus outdoor comedy festival

Hey ..

I am posting some older activities that I have been getting into. Summer time in Berlin is really nice, and there is just simply too much to keep up with everything. One of these activities was Baumhaus Outdoor Comedy Festival in Neu Koln. I normally would not go to things like this, but my friend insisted we get out and do something. She is on vacation, I live here, but I am trying to keep up with the young folks. We invited my German girl friend who I used to work with and we headed over to this place. It was located right at the Sonnenalle S-bahn, I think it was Sonnenalle 221, but I would definitely check that before if you go.

The venue reminded me of Karter Holzig. It had the look of a tree house, and there were many areas of outside seating. It was near an area of water where we set up my blanket and brand new picnic set. I stick out normally like a sore thumb at these places. I am far from a hipster or hippy. I am at peace with that. Places like these are full of these types. Same level of ignorance, but they are cool about it. That is my best description for the ones I have met so far. That night, I realized I was the ignorant one. The people were so nice, and I actually had a good time. I was able to sit and chill and talk. They had activities, such as writing love notes (arts and crafts), they had artists that were painting things live. They had English language comedy that was actually funny. I must admit, I had a good time.

We watched the sun set, and drank a lot of wine, and met some great new characters, like Bruno from Italy who was hilarious, or this couple I met, and I need to find again. I like to meet new people, but I often seem to rub the Germans the wrong way by telling them the truth about my experience here in Berlin. They feel bad, but they also seem to be quite angry that I am bringing it up, it is weird. Met one of those that night, but really I can care less.. get used to it.. the Western world is not so great for people who are brown… especially in a place like Germany, but if you do not want an honest answer, I say do not ask me.

Anyways, I did not mean to rant. I had a great time overall.. EXCEPT they made us throw out all of drinks that we brought with us. I thought this place encouraged this type of save money culture, but these folks obviously wanted to make some money. I am fine with that, but at least put a warning.. no outside food or drinks. This would be helpful information. There were several people outside trying to quickly drink their booze before they entered, and I felt this was worth mentioning.

Well.. I am off to another outdoors festival thing tonight. Will take pictures and post later.








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Chevy Trax Event


Summer has just begun in Berlin. It was really warm the last few weeks, and I have been out with friends as well as working to get a new job and lose some weight. A few weeks ago though, I was invited to this Chevorlet event in Berlin. I was contacted through my twitter page and asked to attend. They wanted to film and interview me while riding around to different bars in Berlin with the car. It was really interesting for me, so I decided to go. I was not disappointed. The whole crew was great, and I even met a new potential friend from Detroit. They picked me up, and we went to my favorite bars around the city. It was quite odd to be filmed, I must admit, but it turned out to be so fun.

My favorite bar choices were:

1. Wowsville- Ohlauer Strasse in Kreuzeberg. They place old soul and rock music from the 50s and 60s, and I think some 70s in there. It is owned by these Spanish guys, and they are so nice, plus the drinks are cheap. I used to always go when I was working in that area, however, I find myself visiting sometimes on the weekend as well.

2. Luzias- This is near Kotbusser Tor at Oranienburger Strasse. I do not visit so often because it always packed, but I decided to place it on the list.

3. Yaam was actually the last place I would normally go, but we ended up there. I wrote about it previously.

The car itself was really nice, and perfect for a city like Berlin. I am glad that I was able to participate. They said when they finish editing the video, they will give me the finished and raw footage. Here are some personal pictures that I took of my day out with them.













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Los Mighty Calacas

Last week, I wrote about jazz at Edelweiss. I decided to switch things up when I was invited to come down to see a group called Los Mighty Calacas. I really had no idea what to expect. They call it Pelucho music. I have no clue really how to describe the music. It is a mix of mariachi and blues. I have to say I liked it very much. There is a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and harmonica player. Together, they are quite awesome. I showed up rather late. 11pm. I am used to people going on really late, so I expected to be right in the middle of the show. Unfortunately, I was catching the tail end of the show.
It was at the Lido Club in Kreuzeberg. There was a nice size crowd, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I grabbed a drink (gin and tonic of course), and sat to watch the music. They played some great songs, and ended it with their version of Georgia. The lead singer has so much soul. The show wrapped up, and I went back to greet the harmonica player, Marco who I have seen play many times at another blues club. I was going to wait for him to finish packing up, but I decided just to go on to Edelweiss to see the end of the night there.
So, I walked out back to the ubahn…it was late, and of course always some random drunk ass person talking to themselves in German, and got back in time to a packed house there. I ran into a mutual friend from Chicago, and we had a ball together. It was nice to get out, I have had a lot on my mind, because I basically have to move to Hamburg to continue working, and this decision is weighing on me heavily. Here are some pictures from last night, and a link to the groups website to see if you like the music yourself.


2013-05-14 23.23.38

2013-05-14 23.23.48

Hot Pelucho Sounds! – Los Mighty Calacas

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Weekend in Stockholm Sweden


I just got back from Stockholm Sweden for the weekend. My goodness that place is cold. About 10 degrees colder in Berlin. It was an amazing trip for me. I really needed to get away. Going through lots of changes here in Berlin. Job situation may bring me to Hamburg for a while, and I have to make some big decisions regarding my relationship with the German, so it was just nice to not think for a few days and relax.

I decided to make the trip up there at first to visit a friend, DJ Red Astaire Freddie Crugar. He is based in Stockholm, but has created some of my favorite songs…the best being Follow Me, a remix of DAngelos Left and Right from the Voodoo Album.

He seemed really nice through correspondence, so I figured, if I went I would not be alone in the city. I had not done any research about Stockholm. I just purchased a ticket, and went. Normally, I try to look up some things, but this time I felt I should just wing it (English saying). I took Ryan Air. I had heard such bad things about the airline, but the ticket was about 99 euros or 130 dollars roughly, so you cannot beat that. I flew into the smaller airport about an hour north of Stockholm and took the bus. This was really easy as pie. I exchanged my euros for Swedish Crowns and went on my way. I did not know Sweden had not bought into the Eurozone.. I am sure they are NOT regretting that with the current state of affairs involving the Euro.

I got down to Stockholm, and was greeted by my new friend for the weekend. I settled in and got some Indian food. Well it was Indian with a Bangledesh flare. I love Indian food, so it was perfect for me. We tried to get some drinks out, but the night clubs in Stockholm were pretty bad in terms of good music. Hard to be out with a DJ and a girl like me who is really into soul music and sit and listen to Electro. It was painful, but we found joy in talking about how bad the music was.

Next day was my favorite holiday; 420. This is a weed appreciation day basically. I met up again with Red and another Swedish person my friend from Berlin recommended I link up with, and we went to Record Mania. This place was a small record store with a fantastic selection of rare funk, soul, hip hop and jazz records. These dudes knew what the fuck good music was. I was really impressed. We stayed there for a few hours, drinking some beers, meeting the guys that worked there and chilling out. Afterwards, we headed down to a place whose name I cannot remember. I just know they had the best schnitzel I have ever tasted, and I live in Germany. The chicken was so juicy and the potatoes were so flavorful. I was surprised. All the guys were really nice and friendly. Everyone had their own flow.

Afer getting a hearty meal, we began our 420 celebration. I could not handle Stockholms greenery. I fell asleep listening to this funk record Schoolhouse Funk . These kids were in high school making this music. Awesome. Needless to say that was pretty much the end of my night. I could not move much, however this is fun for me. Next day, I was off to the airport and back to Berlin by 5pm. I had a great time, and met so many wonderful people.

I have to get up there again.. only in Spring and Summer of course, that place is cold!!

Here are some pictures

IMG_20130420_141051 - Kopie

IMG_20130420_135412 - Kopie

IMG_20130420_135603 - Kopie

IMG_20130420_141204 - Kopie









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Back to Berlin


I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. I have been back in Berlin for a few weeks now adjusting to the change. Although I was only gone for almost three weeks, it still is a bit hard to adjust to the time and the weather. I had an overall good time on my travels back to the States. I spent time with friends, and family, and was able to recapture some of things I was missing, as well as realizing again the reason why I left.

I started in New York for a day with my friend. It really was just a pit stop because the way my flights were scheduled, niether of us had a lot of time. I did not get to do anything there as far as tourist trips, it was just nice to relax after the 8 hour flight from Amsterdam to New York.

The next morning I flew to LAX. I rented a car, and found my hotel. My phone does not work in the States. I should of brought an American SIM card. I am lost without my phone, but I was surprised how much I remembered. After about an hour, I found my hotel. I got a room right on the boardwalk in Venice. I have always wanted to do this, but this was not the best time. It was quite rainy, and I do not remember Venice having so many bums. I did not spend much time relaxing, and immediately had plans for my first night back in Los Angeles in a year. I called what I would consider to be my closest friend Sam, and we had some drinks and ceviche at a cute place on the boardwalk. I really should of been sleeping. Immediately following, I went out to this wonderful Italian spot with a long time friend of mine. It was nice to see him. I thought, so far so good. The next day I felt awful. I was so sick. For four days I could not do much but wait for the cold to end. I finally got better just in time to be able to drive down to San Diego to see my friend Mike. We have been friends for 8 years, and it is always a good time with him. I was so out of it, that I could barely talk most of the evening. I was running on empty. I did managed to meet some more of my friends throughout the trip. Here are some pictures from the trip.

After seeing my friends, I went back home to Riverside to see my parents. I stayed with my Father. It is just easier that way. He has more space, but he is really restrictive. Even at 27 years old, he treats me like I am not a day over 10. I think that is just how parents are I guess. It was nice to catch up with him, and see how big my younger sisters have gotten. I saw my Mother for only one day. We have always been really different people, and the less time seems to be the only way I can get her to treat me like a person. She at least knows this is temporary, so she needs to act like she has some sense. To my surprise, my Mother expressed interest in going natural, and visitng Italy. I guess I am rubbing off on her. I made it a point to mention, not all European men were created equal. As asshole comes in all colors.

Before I knew it, I was back to the airport for another round of New York. This time for 3 days. I was able to catch up with my travel writer friend, and see one my best boys in Harlem. We always have a great time together talking politics. We have similar views, although I find myself going further down the liberal path than anything. It is Berlin’s effect on me I think. I was happy to get out of California. Many of my friends are very shallow and selfish. I can only stand this for a few days before I need to make my exit. New York just seems to have a better vibe. I was sad to leave that place, but I did, and got back to Berlin just in time for the Weihnachten (Christmas in German). So after a few weeks of sitting on my behind or going to holiday parties, I decided to start writing again. Happy New Year folks.. and you will be hearing much more from this year.

Black Girl in Berlin

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Sprichts du Englisch?

Been having a bit of writers block, but I figured I could write about this topic. It seems like many people are starting to travel abroad to Europe (Americans I mean). Most start with London. I do not blame them. It is easy. The native Language is English, and London is overall a great place to visit. People seem to be intimidated by Germany. This I can understand. I really did not know what to expect while visiting. Most media about Germany is very negative in the states. While, the history about the place is very bad, I will say it is not a bad place to visit (the big cities of course). The other pressing issue with visiting is the language. Many people ask me about learning the language. Germany can be intimidating if you do not know the language, and I think that is what can keep people from traveling to the country. I live in Berlin, and I have to say it really has not been a problem. If you are just visiting, not knowing any German is fine for a city like Berlin. Neighborhoods like Kreuzberg would be perfect. So many Americans and native English people live there, and the bars and clubs know this, so many of them have great English skills.

Mitte is another great area for English speaking. It’s really a tourist area mostly, and lots of hipsters go there to drink. It is in what used to be East Berlin. I would recommend visiting that area while in Berlin, if you want to get around with no German.

Living in Germany I feel is a different story. After a while (for me that was almost immediately) the Germans want you to try to learn to speak German. The attitudes about learning are very sharp. People often assume that since my boyfriend is a native Berliner, that he would be teaching me German all the time. However, we speak English together. He does not really have the patience to teach me. We try from time to time, but overall, English will probably be what we speak together for quite a while. I understand this though, it is hard to explain the rules of English as well. I could never be a teacher. I have been here for 7 months now, and yes, one does have to pick up some German if you plan on trying to really live a life here.

In the meantime, for those who want to visit Germany, I think Berlin would be a great start. Knowing German isn’t required, but I would always recommend you pick up some before you go. I feel it is just common courtesy to try. Some words to start could be:

Sprichst du Englisch? (Do you speak English?)
Danke dir (thank you)
Bitte (you are welcome) *in most cases. Could also mean, what?
Wo ist (insert what you looking for) = Where is … ???
die Toillete (the toilet)

These are really basic sentences. Usually just use the first one to figure out if you can even carry on a conversation. Most younger Germans learn English in school, so most times things will be fine. Just take a chance and go.. Berlin really is an awesome place to visit.

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Amsterdam In the Summer

While I have settled in Berlin as my home city (if I can find a job). I have visited a few other places in Europe and hope to go to more. One of the first ones was Amsterdam. I am from California, where it is legal to buy medicinal marijuana. I have a card and I like to use it a lot. Amsterdam, was the mecca for a pot smoker such as myself. I visited when I was still living in the United States. I took my boyfriend there for his birthday. I was still making money from the adult industry, so I was able to do nice things like that.
I booked a hotel near the train station. It was cheap. About 300 euros for the weekend. Mind you, I like nice rooms. I don’t do hostels. I just can’t. Our place was in a great location. Near the trams that go into what seemed to be the center near all the museums, coffee shops, and the red light district.
I was very sick by time we took the flight from Berlin to Amsterdam. I had a cyst, and it was just painful to do everything. As soon we got there, I found a coffee shop, and smoked away the pain. For those who like to smoke, this Amsterdam stuff is out of control. I got a pre-rolled joint, which is something they make at the shop. Normally, those are supposed to be the weakest ones, but I was really blown. I didn’t even want to try the other stuff they had. I don’t think I would of been able to move.
Amsterdam itself was gorgeous. Think of a small New York, but super clean, and rivers/canals whatever they are called everywhere. There were so many people there. Lots of tourists from America and the UK. Be ready for folks acting a damn fool there. I understand why they want to crack down, but I didn’t think it was too bad. I did get a little push back from the coffee shops. They give you bad directions, and are very rude. They just said it outright they didn’t like America and we should participate more in our politics. I agreed, but I can’t change it.
Anyways, overall the trip was fine. The food was awful I must say. It could of been the places we went to, but it was just bad everywhere. I am sure it was the fact it was a tourist destination. They just sold whatever to us.
I definitely want to go back to Amsterdam this year hopefully. It is only 1 hour on the plane there from Berlin. I also would like to try some hash. I have not had any since I left California. Definitely put it on your place to visit. I went for the weed, but there are fantastic museums, and of course the red light district if that is your thing as well. Below are some pictures from my trip.

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Carnival of Culture

Happy Memorial Day weekend if you are in America. Here this it is Carnival of Cultures weekend. I really have no idea what is going on with it, but it seems like a huge parade and party representing all kinds of countries. Everyone assumes I already know what is going on. Anyways, we went and I was expecting a crazy night to ensue. It happened to be my boyfriend’s friends 30th birthday so we were trying to stay in a group to drink together. I wanted to walk around and take pictures. There had to be at least 1 million people there. It was tough to walk anywhere. So many folks were out. It’s Berlin, so they are all pushing you around as they walk. Great experience. First we found our friends and got some drinks. I noticed the price listed is NEVER what they charge. It could say 4 euros and they say 4.50. I think they charge what they think you should pay I guess. We continued to walk around. My boyfriend wanted to get towards the street party because he had seen the parade so many times before. Which is awesome because I haven’t, and I am glad he thought of my needs. We finally get to see some of the parade, and we make our way towards the party to find some jerk chicken the guys were clamoring for. I decided to walk off and make some new friends. There are so many Africans at this party. They all hang out in their groups. I found some people from Ghana, and Sierra Leone. Everyone was really friendly and nice. Their question is the same as the White Germans I meet here. Where are you from in Africa. The same reply: I do not know. We are the descendants of stolen Africans. They didn’t exactly make it easy to find where from. The Africans will always try to claim you. You must be from Sierra Leone. I see it in your face. You are one of us. Now try this food. I have to say, it was nice to feel so welcomed. I am not naive. Many people do flirt, and that is fine. It is how I meet new people. Works for me as long as they know I am taken.
Here are some pictures from the first part of the Carnival-

I make it back to the group to sit down and let these drinks that I keep getting sink in. I really didn’t want a hangover. I just wanted a nice buzz. My back began to ache too, so it was nice to sit. We ran into more of my boyfriends friends. One is married to an African lady from Sierra Leone. I have mentioned her before and her comments on my hair. Today she revealed that she loved my hair but she could not get hers to look like that. I said, you gotta start over, and use all natural products. I thought, it must be the alcohol, because she is being really nice, but after meeting a few more African women, I realized they are just tough ladies. I can get used to it. I also realized that starting a beauty supply needs to really happen. So many women wearing awful weaves. If they only had someone providing them with quality hair… (mind is drifting off). End of the night, we had some awesome Talapia fish. It was the best I have ever tasted. I mean that. I have to get some Sierra Leone food. Have a great rest of your holiday weekend.

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A Day at the Park

Normally you would never catch me at a park on a Sunday for a party, but these Germans sure do love the park. I was invited by a couple we met at a party, and decided to take the chance and go. They were Americans. Normally, the Americans I have met have been a bit flakey, but this couple was super cool, and had traveled the world together. This is what I want my relationship to be someday. I am very bad with names and faces, so we took a risk. As soon as we got there, it all came back to us. We went to Treptower Park. It is in East Berlin, and it is quite beautiful. Again, my boyfriend is about 40 years old and from West Berlin. We don’t make it over to the east very much. He in fact said he had never been to this park. I really don’t get it. I think the coolest stuff I have seen so far has been in the East part of Berlin, and the west seems to be for families. It is boring to me.
Anyways, we BBQ’d and had a good time drinking beers and talking. I managed to take some pictures.

Some of the meat we grilled. Not on a real grill, but came out pretty well.

I walked around the park. The Soviets built this monument back when there was a wall, and I took some pictures of statues.

This was the first one I saw.

This guy is supposed to crushing a swastika with his sword.

It’s a pretty large monument. Reminded me of the mall on Washington. the rest of the park was almost like wilderness to me. It was not full of people, and we had a large section to ourselves. I had a great time. I love Berlin in Spring.

Candid picture of me doing what I do best.

On the drive home, I managed to get some more pictures of this angle lady who for the life of me I cannot remember who this is.

I really wish that we could spend more time in East Berlin. Just have to find more things to do I guess. This week is “Carnival of Cultures.” This should be fun. A friend is turning 30, and should be over 1 million people on the streets of Berlin. Can’t wait.

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Instagram Berlin

Seems the hot new app is “Instagram.” The photo lens changer app that Facebook just purchased for $1 billion. I love the app, Android just got it a few weeks ago. I have been instragramming my ass off so to speak. Here are some of my favorite photos, and make sure to check out my page for instagram at: Kimnberlin

I just wanted to show I actually do get out and do things rather than sitting home and complaining about Berlin 🙂