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  • Jürgen Hubert


    I tried to send you this per email, but the message bounced because your mail folder is full.

    I’ve recently stumbled across your blog and read it with interest, as I am=

    always curious about foreigners see and experience Germany.

    I am friends with Sarai Pahla, a black female translator from South Africa=

    who has moved to Germany last year. Her blog can be found here:

    Due to a game I’ve addicted her on, she also does a lot of traveling to different German cities, and I am sure she will come to Berlin sooner or later. If you are interested, I am sure she would like to meet up so that you can compare notes on your mutual experiences in Germany. Just tell her I sent you. 😉

  • Teresa Oliver

    Hi Kimberly, I aspire to be another “Black Girl in Berlin” as an ESOL teacher. I have my BBA in Accounting and would like to teach business English. Is there any insight you can share with me on obtaining a job, how much should I bring initially, etc, etc? Thanks.

    • kimnberlin

      Hmm, there are SOME business English opportunities here. I hear there are more. I would say you should really get certified BEFORE you come, and try to get as much experience as possible. I would try to google some of the job listings to see how many positions are open. I know very little about this.

  • Pamela King

    Hi Kimberly, you have such a nice blog. As a black woman in Berlin, I do have a few questions it would be very helpful if you would kindly answer. A black woman like myself does not get much models like yourself in such matters. I’m planning to pursue my studies in Berlin as a new challenge for me. Is there an Afro community there, are they only in Berlin ? What of racism or discrimination in Germany ? I’m also planning to learn basic German before I go, is it crucial ? Do people speak English there ?

    Thank you!!


  • Daniel Trirubla

    Hey Kimberly!

    Why is it not an interesting fact for you that you are a great porn idol/star known as Ms Panther? I really enjoy reading your blog but at no point i see that you speak about that important fact. I think that is a very important thing for your followers, even you worked as an escort? Wish you would tell us more about this topic.

    Best regards

  • Jerrel Baker

    Hi Kim,

    I am a current New York grad student, but moved here from Atlanta just one year ago. I spent last summer in Berlin and loved, though finding myself getting homesick very quickly. I was recently admitted to another university there, where I would study for a year and I’ve really been on the fence about going. I wanted to know, in a general sense, would you encourage someone to go live/study (maybe work) there? How difficult was it for you to make friends and did you develop close ties with other blacks or was that something you did not find necessary?

    Jerrel — jlb2305[at]

  • Andre T

    Hi Thanks for many interesting articles here. How “safe” is it to visit the lakes and woods around Berlin, from Muggelsee to Spreewald? Moving from London to Berlin and likely to stay for 4/5 years, I need the regular walks to remain sane.

  • Ku

    Hey Kim.
    I wanted to find out about racism in Germany. I plan on studying there in two years for university. Is Germany as racist as we typically view America as? I’m considering going to Berlin or somewhere in the south-west.

    I really hope you reply.

    Thank you in advance.
    Black girl in Africa