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Five Reasons To Visit Berlin

Five reasons to visit Berlin

Spring is a great time to visit Berlin. It’s time when the weather in the German capital is great, and nightlife is returning to a normal rhythm. At this time the city is flooded with party-goers, electronic music fans, and travelers, fascinated by ancient history. After all, Berlin is a city of nightclubs with the best DJs and various museums with the richest archaeological collections. Here are five reasons why you should visit Berlin.

1) History

The earliest settlements in this region appeared about 60,000 years ago, and the city itself was founded at the end of the XII century. You can literally study European history when walking Berlin streets. The XVIII century is represented by the magnificent palace of Charlottenburg, Neue Wache, Zeughaus and the majestic Brandenburg Gate. The XIX century, with its industrial revolution and rapid population growth, left Berlin the Rotes Rathaus, the Reichstag building, and the Berlin cathedral. Many of the historical monuments were destroyed and restored in the XX century, the legacy of which includes the checkpoint Charlie, the wreckage of the Berlin Wall and the Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust.

2) The capital of entertainment

Berlin had bustling nightlife even before the war – a lot of variety shows and cabarets attracted not only Germans but also foreigners. The city regained its fame as the club capital of Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now the German capital has everything to attract party-goers: the Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer-Berg districts have a lot of clubs with the best DJs. Particular attention should be paid to Berlin open-airs, for example, Tech Open Air, which is held every year.

3) Art and culture

Painting, sculpture, design, photography and fashion – all these you can find not only in Berlin museums but also in city streets. The Pergamon Museum may cost you a whole day, not to mention the Old National Gallery with its richest collection of paintings. Art lovers should check out the New National Gallery and the Berggruen Museum. Those who love modern art will also find something to see. For example, the part of the Berlin Wall turned into the famous East Side Gallery under the open sky.

4) Multicultural city

Berlin is one of the most variegated cities of the Old World. The center for cultural diversity is the Kreuzberg district. Twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) on the Maybachufer embankment you can find the Turkish market with exotic street food. There is also a Jewish museum on Lindenstraße which tells the rich and tragic history of the Jewish community in Germany.

5) Gardens and parks

Berlin can be called a green city. Most of the central streets are decorated with rows of trees, and each palace has a well-kept garden. Besides, there are several large parks in the city: the huge Tiergarten, the secluded Treptower Park, as well as the Botanical Garden and the Zoo. Finally, on weekends the Berliners themselves like to relax on the lakes in the Wannsee district. It’s a perfect place for picnics.

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