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Hey Folks,

It is Monday for me, and I had such an amazing weekend. I had two big events to attend this weekend. Both were last minute decisions. The first was the treat of being invited to Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. Zoe is a chef based in the UK who makes Ghanaian food. She is a great person and makes even better food. After she tweeted me directly, I had to check out her website. I realized I had tried to attend this event before. She periodically comes to Berlin and creates a pop up restaurants where she showcases awesome Ghanaian food.

I had never tasted traditional Ghanaian food before, well besides the chicken wings at yaam, but I am talking a traditional meal. This was the menu:


Garden Egg Salad
Mini Mashed Yam Balls in a golden gari crust

Scotch Bonnet Salsa

Spinach & Agushi
Red Red
Grilled Tilapia
Nkrarra – Chicken Light Soup

ZGK – Homesmade Shito, Yam Chips, Fufu balls

Sorry for my picture quality, I am terrible with making plates to be honest. I was really embarrassed to actually show you how messy I am when I eat. LOL





I came a bit late to event. I did not realize I had to buy tickets, and so I had to call to see if I could pay at the door. I obviously was allowed to attend. I had no idea what to expect. I was sure there would be loads of hipsters there who think they are so cool to try something “new,” but I was hoping to see some actual Ghanaian folks. When I eat any food from a different culture, I am looking for people of that culture to be there eating. To me it says, well if they eat it, it must be good, and not the typical watered down version I have seen passed off here. For example, if I am at a American burger place, I want to see some Americans there, or lately when I went for BBQ, I wanted to see somebody that knew about BBQ there. There was in that case, by the way and they ended up having terrible mac and cheese. No onions in mac and cheese folks.. nasty. Anyways, I finally found a seat when I entered. It was packed. There were two long family style tables. I was tired, and really not interested in meeting new people, but I knew I could not avoid it with this type of seating. I ended up next to some guy that looked straight out of Color Me Badd. There was a Ghanaian man with a German girl across from me, and an American photo journalist from Southern California.

I tried to sit quietly as each course came out, but there are always curious people around me. “What are you doing here?” “Living,” I would reply. “Oh you work?” I kept thinking: No, I am independently wealthy, can I eat in peace please? I know these are the normal questions people ask, because I am obviously not German, but can I just for a tiny second be a human please and thank you. I eventually warmed up after some time of sharing the great food around me. Everything was great, especially the chicken course, which was a bit spicy for me. I am a whimp when it comes to spicy food. I think the next best was the fish, talapia, which was prepared very nicely.

I stepped outside for a bit to talk to Zoe who was as friendly as can be. She had planned to Berlin herself, and that we had a few laughs. I came back for dessert and finished stuffing myself before having a nice conversation about life in Germany with the photo journalist who seemed to have quite a story himself. It was a great night, and I was home before 12am so I think I did very well. I cannot wait to have more of this girls cooking.

Visit her website here: website

  • Dai

    The chicken sounds nice, chuck.

  • Secret admirer

    it makes my mouth watering right now, it is nice. .-)

    • kimnberlin

      It was very nice.