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How can you make your wedding day very special in Berlin?

Disclaimer: This is a guest post.

Have you ever thought of getting married in Berlin? Even though the city is not a love capital nor an exotic place for newlyweds, it’s still a magnificent location to get hitched. In case you didn’t know, Berlin is one of Europe’s most energetic metropolises. It packs an exuberant urban life and lots of amazing venues for a wedding. Furthermore, it is a lot more affordable than other major capitals around the world and it has amazing countryside areas where you can organise a memorable ceremony. On top of that, the architecture, welcoming people, delicious food, and stunning parks will definitely wow attendees.

Plan head
Now that you’ve decided to relocate to Berlin for a few days and get married there, the next step is to plan ahead. It might be a good idea to book flights and accommodation with at least 4 months in advance. This way you won’t pay a fortune to keep all guests satisfied. Grab your future husband and travel to Berlin before everyone else. You need time to prepare, set up the venue, and make sure all services are up to date.

Choose the best season

Summer in Berlin is the best time of the year to get married. Temperatures are warm and pleasant, and seasonal flowers are in full bloom. Lilies, tulips, roses, and callas are the best arrangements you can choose for your big day. Berlin has plenty of flower shops that customizes bouquets. Make time to visit the best, and choose the combo that best complements the theme of your wedding.

Settle on the best venue

Berlin packs lots of amazing places where you can have a wedding ceremony. The Ephraim Palais is a gorgeous venue that exudes elegance and class. It can accommodate up to 40 people and it conveys a historic ambiance that goes perfectly with a vintage wedding. If you’re looking for an unconventional wedding location, you can choose the “jungle”. Berlin has a grandiose botanical garden filled with abundant wildlife and lush vegetation. The Mediterranean Building is exquisite. Guests will remain speechless, although you should call in advance to reserve this place. In Berlin, many couples hunt it to hold their wedding ceremony and enjoy a memorable event.

Laidback lifestyle

Couples who are in love and plan to get married, often spend months searching for the best location for their big day. Sure, Paris might seem like a more suitable choice, but many brides and grooms think it’s overrated. Berlin, on the other hand, is a versatile multicultural metropolis. It has an unpretentious charm that emphasises the free-spirited lifestyle of its people.

Planning a wedding can be nerve-racking. Nonetheless, when you choose a city and a venue that inspires you, you completely forget all about stress. Berlin is Europe’s most inspirational cities. It makes all guests feel accepted, and the venues here are incredibly diverse. Whether you’d like a huge ballroom with 100 guests, or a modest cottage someplace outside the city barriers, the variety is huge. The countryside getaways are endless. If you won’t want a big wedding, just grab 10 of your closest friends and head to Berlin. Have the wedding of your dreams in a multicultural setting that’s peaceful, insightful, and intimate.

Explore the ins and outs of Berlin

Make your wedding in Berlin special by visiting its most valued attractions and places of interest. Since you’re already here, you can’t leave without admiring its wonders. The iconic sights, vast greenery, chic restaurants, and sky bars will make your trip even more interesting. There’s nothing nostalgic about Berlin. On the contrary, what we love most about the city is that it’s unpretentious, unpredictable, and ultimately, irresistible.

Are you ready for the wedding of your dreams? All brides want to get hitched outside their hometown, and even country. That’s because getting hitched is a once in a lifetime event. Place Berlin at the top of your list, and visit the metropolis annually on your anniversary. Make memories that last, and exchange vows in the most unconventional venues, so that you can cherish them for decades to come. Make a change this year, and dare to travel where your hearts leads you to get married!