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Karnival of Kulture Berlin 2013

Hey Folks,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This weekend in Germany was another holiday. I had someone explain it to me as the ascension into heaven, so we were able to get Monday off. This weekend was Karnival of Kulture. This is an event that shows the multi cultural side of Berlin. For those who think Berlin is not a multi cultural city (personally I feel the same), this event may change your mind.

The event last four days and it is in Kreuzeberg, one can exit Hallesches Tor or Merhingdam exit from the ubahn. The first two days are primarily music, and food, while on Sunday there is a parade of the different cultures in Germany, and on Monday, there is some great jazz and music booths. These are the days that I went.

Sunday, I went about 4pm with the German. We did not see the parade. He does not care for it, I like to go personally to see how many different types of people actually live here. We live in a neighborhood, where I see white Germans only, so it is nice to see who else lives here. We brought some Jamaican food, and found a seat. Of course it was in the German beer booth, so again, I am the only one. He does not seem to see how uncomfortable for me to never see another person that looks like me, but this is another post that I think I will never write about. We got some drinks, and relaxed until his friend came, and we separated so I could explore. I love to explore alone, so I can make my own fun. Shame we do not have anything in common anymore.

Anyways, I headed down a couple more stops on the train and went to a bar where I ran into some music friends and we drank and chatted for a few hours.

For Monday, I had a lot to do. I had a job interview in the morning. I am desperately trying to stay in Berlin, but it is hard if you do not have a job. My only requirement at this point is to have normal hours, and it is not sales. I know I am an immigrant, but I feel that does not mean I cannot at least get this out of this country until I figure out if I want to go home to America. I feel this may be coming up soon. My bassist friend from the jazz session invited me to see him play. I called my friend from DC, who is an Ethiopian woman who grew up in Russia who is quite beautiful, and very intelligent. I said she should come down I the daytime to see the whole thing. We met up, got some african food, and walked around until we could see the show. It was quite nice to relax. I ran into all my new music friends, and hung out with the bassist after the show. We live really close to each other, so I knew it would be a good idea to stick together so I could have someone get me home. It is always interesting hanging with him. He thinks I am a men magnet, and every time we are walking or talking, people just stare. Germans have absolutely no shame when it comes to staring. I have to see if there is even a word for it. That was my weekend. I do not think there are more holidays coming up soon, but I have to lay low until I find another job in Berlin.

Here are some pictures from the festival:



The jamaican food .. so much

The jamaican food .. so much







This guy was awful

This guy was awful


Saturdays band for jazz

Saturdays band for jazz


A couple hours into it.. a little tipsy

A couple hours into it.. a little tipsy

He just told me to go home.. the look on his face is priceless

He just told me to go home.. the look on his face is priceless











Daryl on the bass..

Daryl on the bass..

Rico McClarrin

Rico McClarrin















  • Sounds like you had fun despite the initial company. When you mentioned how he doesn’t understand how you feel uncomfortable never to see someone like you, I don’t think he understand because he hasn’t been in that situation. I don’t know if it was similar at your college, but when I went to UF, there was a diversity and while not all were grouped by ethnicity, many were, at least enough to have it be visibility noticed. I’m a bit of the opposite, where I rarely like to be around my races but that’s because I grew up where there was not a lot of Asians and Hispanics but when I visited my Mom’s country when I was a kid, there was an American couple that lived in the neighborhood and it was easier to connect with them.