Kultur- und Infoveranstaltung zur Umbenennung der Wissmannstraße (Cultural and information event to rename the Wissmannstraße)

Ölln decolonize Berlin-Neuk

Cultural and information event to rename the Wissmannstraße

With performances by Him Noir and Zaida Horstmann, posts and symbolic renaming them with an ISD Berlin – Initiative of Black People in Germany , Berlin Postkolonial , Berlin Development Policy advice eV and decolonize Berlin!

Saturday, 18/03/2017 Wissmannstra SSE, corner Hasenheide
13:30 – Performance Zaida Horstmann
14:30 – Symbolic renaming
15:15 – Performance Him Noir
15:45 – Symbolic renaming

Against colonial racist street names!

Why rename? Hermann Wissmann contributed military expeditions significantly to the violent colonization of the Congo. As Reichskommissar he struck with the “Wissmann troop” 1888-1890 anti-colonial resistance of the coastal population in “German East Africa” (today Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi) down. He prepared as a colonial governor significantly taxing the colonized before, in 1905, the trigger of the Maji Maji War was, lost their lives in the least 100,000 East African people.

He should not be honored with a street name for his crimes.