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Root 2 Tip: Natural Hair Show and Class in Berlin

Hey Folks,

I hope all is well in your world, things are fantastic in mine. I spent most of the week doing hair myself. I braided two of my friends hair. I am tired, and my fingers are sore, but I still wanted to put some updates of my activities. Last weekend, I went to a hair show. It was put on by the ladies at Flexicurl. The brought this company, Root 2 tip to Berlin to do some hair education, and product demonstration for ladies with naturally very curly hair. This is perfect for a place like Germany, where these products are scarce and expensive if you do find them. I find many ladies know nothing about their natural hair, or how to care for it. I was happy that this was gaining steam here. Well I dragged my friend to be a hair model, because my hair is locked up, and we were able to meet some new people as well.

The company was started by a black woman from London. She was in the same predicament many of our ladies are in: trying to find good, healthy, inexpensive products for natural hair. You will find, if you move to Germany, that hair products, especially ones sold in the USA are just not here. I have contacted companies such as Miss Jessies, Kinky Curly, and even Mixed chicks. It is hard to get them to ship, unless you are an active store. I guess the demand just is not here yet. That is ok, because these girls are doing their thing here in Europe.

They went through the basics of curl composition, hair dos and donts, as well as the best ways to nuture and grow long, natural hair. I thought overall they were basic things, but I have been a natural chick for years. I remember when I first started, it was overwhelming. I could see the faces of the women in the root, listening intensely as she explained these concepts. The energy in the room was so positive, and the ladies were so knowledgeable and nice. They served us dinner too! Here are some pictures from the event below.








Question: When you are abroad, what do you use to maintain your natural hair?