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Sista in Paris

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On the second leg of my very short trip out of Germany, while I wait for my visa to come. Right after the gorgeous trip to Barcelona, we skated off to Paris. This trip was only for two nights. I had always been nervous about visiting Paris, due to the stories my French friends would tell me about no one speaking English to you while you are there. I was also excited to see the Black community of Francophiles. Breaking news: there are not a lot of Black people in Germany. While, I am in the most densely populated, I find in Berlin, there still seems to be a lack of Black folks doing things here. I could not wait to see the fashionable folks walking around from all walks of life.

We arrived early, and went directly to our hotel Le Meridian near the Arch of Triumph. Luckily, my company spoke some French to at least get to our hotel in one piece. We immediately changed, and went to get some authentic French cuisine.




Kimmy habe hi gesagt. I said hi

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We took a walk over to the Arch of Triumph, and people watched a bit before relaxing for the afternoon, and preparing for dinner that night at a very trendy place called Kong. I was enjoying the people watching. Some of the outfits that the people were wearing were very fashion forward. I liked seeing the diversity in style, and the people who were there.




I tried my best to dress it up a bit more. After a few years of dressing down to fit with the style of my crew in Berlin, it was nice to put on some heels and make up and not be stared at mercilessly.. well I got the stares, but it was definitely more about my body type. It was nice to just blend it even if I was not French. We got ourselves together and made it to Kong, where we had the best seat in the house, and yet another steak.



The next day was going to be a whirlwind tourist attraction visit. I tried to see as much as I could, because I absolutely hate walking. I think I need orthopedic shoes or something, because after 20 minutes, I am so done. I did get to see the Tower, as well as a few other places that I have always wanted to see. I loved this city. I cannot wait to go back.









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