Shopping in Berlin

Style Steals in Berlin

Style Steals in Berlin

You can say what you want about Berlin but one thing is for certain; we are an incredibly stylish city. I love it when we get in to this time of year as it’s when everyone starts getting their boots and autumn jackets on, leading to me getting awful outfit envy from anyone walking around Kreuzberg on a Saturday morning with a bit coat, coffee and sunglasses looking effortlessly cool.

Staying stylish in this big city doesn’t need to be hard though. In fact there are many ways you can create an enviable wardrobe and save some much needed money on other things. In this short blog I’m going to show you from personal experience some of the best style steals I’ve come across in the city that you can follow too!

Beware the prices in KaDeWe/ Charlottenburg

My first shopping trip to Berlin was hastily cobbled together from a few tourist guides and some travel sites that all said KaDeWe was the place to shop. I hopped off the train in Charlottenburg and suddenly realised that I was in a tourist trap; the one thing you want to avoid when in the city. There are lots of shops dotted along the main road, but KaDeWe stands tall as the impressive department store that everyone goes too on the same day they’ll visit the zoo or aquarium.

And oh boy does everyone go here. I mistakenly went on a Saturday and found myself trapped between brand names that were quite dear and tourists not knowing where to go. It’s a fun place to be if you want to just look around for a few hours without seriously considering buying anything, unless you head straight to the sixth floor with its food court that you’ll want to get lost in. I’ll vouch it has the best Bienenstich in the city and as mentioned previously on the blog, it is the place to go for a treat more than anything else.

The only style steal you’ll find here is if you manage to get a good deal on a Maimai sweater, although you’d be just as good getting a cheap sweater in Forever 21 just a few blocks up and then sneaking around to Curry Wolf for lunch.

Bag a deal online

Standing in Douglas one day I was fixated on a set from Benefit (The Hoola) with a mini balm and bronzer inside. The price though was a bit of a sore sticking point and while standing there contemplating whether to spend over €40 on it, I decided to have a quick Google for Douglas gutschein just to see if there was anything out there for in-store coupons.

I ended up coming across sites where you can save 10-20% simply by buying the product online. From then on anytime I’m walking by Douglas and have a little snoop around to see what’s new, I always check to see if it will be cheaper, and it usually is, to buy the product on their site with a coupon. It’s also a good place to snag a deal on Men’s cosmetics too, which are surprisingly dear to buy in store.

Don’t Fear Vintage

Something that often goes underappreciated is this city is the number of amazing vintage stores we have. Spots like Mankii Vintage, Dress Code and Made in Berlin are all great if you’re on the hunt for good knitwear and a heavy jacket that can take a few scratches or marks here and there. My absolute favourite though is Collect Boutique and not just because their Instagram is a must follow.

I’ve taken people here who don’t usually like the idea of having to go to a vintage shop as they imagine it to be musty, have a bit of a weird smell and for there to be just the weirdest range of clothing. At Collect Boutique they display all their clothes in the main showroom as if you were walking into Topshop or Urban Outfitters, with everything neatly hung and displayed. The shop also has a mini café inside so you can peruse and have a coffee.

And Don’t Fear the Outlet

When I hear someone say the word “Outlet Store” my first instinct is always to say “But that’s where the things people don’t want to buy go”. I’ve never had a good experience at one (except for a really good pair of Vans I got in Camarillo, California once), but there’s one that very few people talk about that does ridiculously good deals on Adidas trainers.

Out at the Berlin Designer Outlet they have all the usual brands selling off season attire with familiar names like Boss, Nike, Mango and Hallhuber but the Adidas outlet store does great deals on trainers and running gear. I run a lot and getting a good deal on thermals for winter is a must. Even if you’re just in town for a few days on a trip, I’d avoid visiting the tourist trap that is the Adidas Original store on Münzstraße and head on the 5 just out of town to this store instead for a good deal.
There you have it. A few tips I’ve come across around town and online for style steals here in Berlin that will hopefully save you some money when shopping in Berlin and help you to look as effortlessly stylish as possible.