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5 Places Expats Must Eat in Berlin

1. BurgerMeister
Germans are among the world’s most voracious eaters, and when it comes to meat, they make no exception. BurgerMeister, one of Berlin’s most popular burger houses stays true to this philosophy by serving nothing but burgers, burgers, MORE BURGERS. Oh, and chilli cheese fries.

Their single vegetarian option is the tofu burger but let’s be honest, an establishment such as BurgerMeister was not designed for vegetarian options.

2. Lemon Leaf
If you’re looking for something a bit more delicate on the gut (and on the taste buds for that matter) then Lemon Leaf’s delectable array of Indochinese dishes is sure to get your saliva glands working overtime.

Inside, the bright walls and oriental décor lend itself to a calm yet lively atmosphere, serving up the smell of eastern spices and a mix of speciality dishes from Thailand, Vietnam Laos & Cambodia, including a range of traditional curries and noodle dishes, with a range of vegetarian options available.

Courtesy of Lemon Leaf

3. Crackers
Maybe you’re into a hipper and happening kind of eatery. Y’know, where there’s awesome food, but also a bar and a DJ performing whilst you eat your dinner; kind of like a club-cum-restaurant but without the ravers then Crackers is going to be right up your straße.

With a delicious, traditional menu and a snazzy website to boot, Crackers looks to be every Berlin hipster’s watering hole and restaurant combined. They also serve some interesting cocktails such as their signature highball – ‘It’s crackers’, featuring a mix of watermelon, beetroot and Finsbury platinum gin. Delectable! Although if you happen to be on your lunch break and have to return to work, they also feature a virgin version on their juice menu.

Courtesy of Crackers

4.Ssam Korean Barbecue
Enough to make anybody jump on the nearest metrotram and head on over; Ssam Korean Barbecue is located near the Görlitzer Park in the heart of Kreuzberg and offers one of the best and most traditional Korean BBQ experiences in Berlin.

The interior features traditional Korean aesthetic with a contemporary twist, offering a simple yet elegant dining experience. Grills are built right into the tables allowing the BBQ to come straight to you! Pile up the plate with gourmet Korean BBQ and a healthy dose of Kimchi and you’re flying to flavourland!

Courtesy of Ssam Koren

5. Restaurant Richard
Somewhere between the concept of an upscale French restaurant and art gallery lies Restaurant Richard. Located in the Kreuzberg district, this fancy establishment offers fine art and fine dining all under one roof; with specially curated interior design elements and a several course meal.
This restaurant is fairly pricey, weighing in at around €64 for 4 courses. However, for the quality of the artwork and the French Haute-inspired menu, it could be one expat’s guilty treat.

Courtesy of Restaurant Richard

About the author:

This post was written by Alex, who has spent much time exploring the many culinary delights Europe has to offer. Alex works for Currency UK, who offer foreign exchange services to businesses, individuals, and expats worldwide.
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Food in Berlin: Volta Burger

Hey folks,

It has been so hot lately, I love that, but this humidity is no joke. This is the problem with being a California native; we have great weather and it is hard to live any where else. I have to remember that the world is not like that, and this is why I was paying so much rent to live there, LOL.

Anyways, on my endless quest to find good food in Berlin, I just saw this Volta Burger place in Wedding. There are little burger places sprouting up throughout Berlin. Many are American style of burgers. The best again so far is of course The Bird, but I have to give it Volta, it was good. They open each day at 6pm, which I thought was late, but it really made sense. Wedding is the new up and coming neighborhood, and frankly there isn’t anything around this area it seems. I think it will take time, and perhaps they will have better hours.

The place is not really just a burger place. They have one burger on a very short menu. We basically came for the burger. The place was small and in a commercial complex of other buildings. No a/c inside so we sat outside. It is 80 to 90 degrees every day right now in Berlin. The meat tasted fresh, they use grass fed beef. Although, it seems the patties were perhaps frozen, I am not really sure. I like when a place uses ground beef and makes the patties. It was pretty typical American gastro pub type of burger. I liked the seeds on the burger, and the fact they had a real pickle. I ate about half the burger, it was too big for me, and I am trying to worry about serving sizes.

If you find yourself in Berlin, or you live here, and you cannot get to the Bird, this is a nice alternative, but at 12 euros for a burger and fries, I thought it was a little overpriced. #

Volta Berlin
Brunnenstrasse 73, Wedding
Berlin, Berlin Germany