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The Video Game Museum: Berlin

Hey Folks,

In between scrambling for another job due to some visa issues (being Non-EU is a pain in my behind). I have been trying to find some cheap or free fun in Berlin, that does not involve a massive hangover. This has made me notice that I think that is what most of the people in my life here do: drink. Thankfully, I have at least a few acquaintances that do not drink. I used to avoid these people for fun, but I have now realized that I enjoy waking up with a clear head, (and a clean conscious). Since I used to work for a gaming company, I decided that I would like to finally visit the video game museum. The museum is located in the neighborhood of Friedrichshain (formerly east Berlin).

The cost was only 8 euros, and it was rather easy to see, being that it was on the major street of Karl Marx- Alle. One should be able to get there by several means: u-bahn, s-bahn, and tram. We went on a Saturday, which I had some reservations about because I hate kids. I was sure it would be crammed full of little Germans. I can imagine being pushed around, but most were well behaved, and we seemed to miss the larger group that was coming in as we were leaving.

The museum was rather small, and seemed to be more about the history of gaming, than being an arcade. I guess I was expected to be able to play every game available. They did have a small section to play some of the older games, and my friend and I really got into some old car game. I lost. They did have a working pacmac game, as well as the Dance Dance Revolution game. We even figured out how to play what was apparently the oldest video game. I walked around and took pictures of all of the older systems. I remember having some of these (being the sister of a video game addict). Truth be told, I was never much of a gamer, I really just wanted to do something fun in the day time. I succeeded. I would say it is a great place to visit. I really wish they had an adult gaming place like Dave and Busters in America.

The gallery is below:

  • Junker’sBagMan

    Kim, I know you’d have to renounce your Citizenship to take a German one, so why don’t you apply for French or British Citizenship. You could then be a duel national and hop across the whole of the Continent.

    • kimnberlin

      Oh heck no.. I would never give my un citizenship

  • Dai

    Interesting. You really can’t beat ‘Frogger’.
    Best wishes for Chrimble and the new year