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Where To Find Caribbean & African Food in Berlin

Fooooood glorrrrrious food! Food is one of the best home comforts we can think of. So, whether you’re a sister new to Berlin (check these first) or you’re a longer-term resident who’s feeling home sick, there’s nothing a bowl of curry goat can’t solve.
Traveling seems to be a rising interest in the younger generation of female black travelers – and we couldn’t be happier. We’re continually inspired and motivated to see more of the world after reading posts like this one.
But finding African and Caribbean foods abroad can be difficult. If you’re in Berlin though, don’t fear, we’ve got you covered. 😉
Here are some top places to get black made food where you are.

Where To Find Caribbean & African Food in Berlin

Caribbean Supermarkets

Now for ease, we’ve divided these up into two different categories. There’s a big difference in Caribbean and African food. With that in mind we wanted to do them both justice and give them both equal coverage. Up first… Caribbean!
Frische Paradies
Hermann-Blankenstein-Str. 48, 10249 Berlin
Our thoughts:
We must say we were impressed with the sheer variety of food available in this shop. Therefore, we can completely appreciate it shows at #1 for Caribbean food in Berlin.


Goltzstr. 3, 10781 Berlin, Germany
Our thoughts:
If cost is your main worry when shopping for food, then this may be the perfect shop for you. With a total 5-star rating we believe it’s one of the best out there.

African Supermarkets

Köpenicker Weinladen Max Hoch
Köpenicker Str. 8, 10997 Berlin, Germany, Kreuzberg
Our thoughts:
Cheerfully cheap, tasty home-grown food. We’re dying for some Sadza too… And did we mention wine – so much wine! How could you resist this fantastic shop?

Alpha & Omega International Afro Shop

Weserstr. 3-4, 12047 Berlin

Our thoughts:
This independent African shop sells African produce alongside crafts, cosmetics and hair products. Whether you’re looking for fresh or canned goods to cook up an African storm, Alpha & Omega can help.

African Fast Food

Khartoum – Kreuzberg, Wienerstr. 69, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Senegambia – Kreuzberg, Reichenbergerstr. 72, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Sahara – Neukölln, Reuterstr. 56, 12047 Berlin, Germany
This collection is priced up at €. We think these are the best of the best for African fast food in Berlin. Khartoum is our favorite for serving everything including an amazing range of vegan foods, if that’s your thing. Check them all out and choose your own favorite!

Caribbean Fast Food

Merle’s Trinidad Cuisine – Kreuzberg, Yorckstr. 22, 10965 Berlin, Germany
Ya-Man – Tiergarten, Gotzkowskystre. 17, 10555 Berlin, Germany
Status: Currently drooling over the thought of macaroni cheese. Sadly, there two Caribbean fast-food joints are among the very few that we could find. There’s a calling for more so if entrepreneurial skills are in your repertoire then maybe you should consider it? Jerk chicken and fried plantain, please!


We hope we’ve heightened your spirits and ignited a little more hope in your bones for getting some tasty food that speaks to your roots. Berlin may be far from home, but the taste of home doesn’t have to be!
So, do you have anywhere else to suggest? Some restaurants maybe? Let us know. 🙂